With Fractional CLASS you optimize the investment with the use you give to your vacation property and when you use it, you enjoy a hotel service. You just have to relax. Fractional CLASS guarantees your dream vacation.

Forget about the high capital immobilization and the high maintenance cost of having a country house. Without considering the time you waste and the money you spend on maintenance tasks such as cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, painting the facilities or repairing any damage.


You are an owner

You acquire the 1/12th part of a vacation property, with public deed of title. Therefore, it is transferable, alienable and inheritable.

Smart use

You are entitled to use the 1/12th part of the tourist year; that is, 4 weeks per year, one for each season of the year, for life. Those weeks are yours. You can use them in the resort where you buy them, exchange them for weeks anywhere in the world, through RCI, or rent them and enjoy that income.

You make your investment profitable

A possible configuration could be to use one week at the resort where you purchase it, exchange another week through RCI and use it anywhere in the world, and the other two you have left, rent them to pay for your trip. And you can do that every year, for life.

Low maintenance cost

All property costs are divided among the 12 owners. With this, maintenance, taxes, insurance and the service fee, that is, the services you consume while staying (gas, electricity, Wifi, cable TV) have a cost similar to an expense of a one-bedroom apartment in a city.

Easy in, easy out

Acquiring 1/12 part of a property has a very affordable cost. Therefore, if you need to sell your fraction it is much easier, because of its competitive cost.