Three experiences, for a better result

Our system is a product of benchmarking the most successful vacation experiences in the world.

Fractional ownership

The client acquires the 12th part of a vacation property. Titled before a notary public. It can be inherited or disposed of.

ADVANTAGE: Low capital immobilization and low maintenance cost. Its affordable unit cost, accelerates the commercial process, in relation to a room in condo hotel.

Proper time

It is used the 12th part of the tourist year, enjoying it one week in each season. That is, 4 weeks per year.

ADVANTAGE: Enjoy twice as many weeks as a timeshare. They are for life. You can use them or rent them anywhere in the world, through alliances with vacation exchange companies.

Low Cost competitiveness

The owner pays a basic service fee for maintenance, taxes, insurance, cleaning and linens.

ADVANTAGE: Maintenance costs are divided among all owners. Extras or consumables are paid separately.

A “hotel for owners”, the new trend

The Fractional CLASS system is a solution for the hotel business owner.

It solves the high vacancy rate that most hotel complexes have, generating operating deficits and financial cost. In Argentina alone, the average occupancy rate approached 50% in 2018, according to official data, making the equations of these establishments difficult.

Make the marginality of your complex profitable. The hotelier can assign all his units to the Fractional system, or develop a mixed system, which articulates a part in Fractional. In this way, an occupancy “floor” is guaranteed and the rest is sold on the open market.

Run an excellent real estate business. By selling your properties in Fractional, you get 20% above market value. You keep the exploitation of the units for life. In the Fractional format, you only transfer ownership of your units intended for accommodation, while retaining ownership of common, recreational and gastronomic spaces.